Review of Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild

Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone WildBusiness Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild by Sameer Kamat

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t generally pick up fiction books that easily, but when I first read about the book, I found it intriguing. The fact that the book is self-published added to my curiosity.

So, when Sameer approached me over Goodreads and offered a complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review, I was all but happy.

The plot immediately catches your attention in that it puts a consultant into a completely unimaginable situation and explores how he handles the situation to the best of his capability. Lots of management related clichés are used, sometimes just to add to humor, sometimes just being true to the identity of the protagonist; reminded me of meetings from top management at work.

Being self-published, lack of editing shows up here and there but doesn’t really detract the reader from the fast pace of the plot. A worthy read in that flight journey or during a free weekend. Overall, I enjoyed the book and it met my expectations.

In summary, a very fast-paced and interesting read from a first time fiction-writer.

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