28 Days Challenge

Inspired long back by Oliver Emberton’s herculian 30 Day Challenger, I have decided to try it out for myself this month. Feb being the smallest month should serve as the easiest possible start. ;-)

The motivation for doing this are similar - stretching myself to give up on a bad habit, get the most out of my day, or being more productive in general.

Given that I have a lot to say, things that keep on forming virtual blog posts in my mind - some of which are technical, some about my dream college, some advice for juniors, some worldly pondering, some internal struggles - I have decided on my first challenge:

Publish Something Useful Everyday for Next 28 Days

The definition of useful might sound a bit flaky, but this definitely includes writing every day. And that _something _could be source code, photographs, or just a bunch of thoughts (this post is #1) among other possible things.

I will be keeping track of my challenge here on this blog (and that will make this Feb my most blogged-in month! :)). I am yet to decide on a punishment if I fail to meet a day’s goal; I think I should do that after observing this experiment for about a week, given meeting expectations at work and in my BTech Project are my first two priorities.

Alright, all the best to me.


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