Good Bye TechGlider Forums, Ta-Ta NITC Wiki

Today I bid adieu to The TechGlider Forums which used to reside at Started in August of 2008, it was my attempt to build a tech support community around my friends and visitors of my website - This decision comes at a time when I have realized it’s no longer a good idea to build a community like this on phpBB, with the advent of platforms like facebook and twitter (and Google+ more recently) and their penetrations in our lives.

I should mention again that I considered it the best place to put all those nifty tricks and commands to refer to them later and apparently it served as a major contributor to page-views and hits on the site as I could gather from the analysis of my website’s statistics programs today. I think I will miss, it but it’s time to move on. For those who may still find them useful, I have migrated most of my useful posts in the forums to this blog. They can be found under the TGF category.

Here is an image to show how it used to look recently (click the image to enlarge):

Screenshot - The TechGlider Forums

Also goes offline today a rather unknown part of this website - The NITC Wiki. It was an attempt to build a comprehensive guide to all things NITC with the help of students and other interested people related to my college - NIT Calicut. Started first with the idea of writing an Open Letter to the authorities collaboratively for making improvements to the semester fee payment procedure last year (see screenshots below), it remained largely unknown due to my own doubts over such kind of a project on a wiki platform (I had learnt that NITC was not so techie after all with people so reluctant to edit a wiki or even learn how to do it) and also because I lost my website just after that.

The NITC Wiki homepage looked like this:

Screenshot - NITC Wiki

And the main reason for its inception was this:

Screenshot - Open Letter - Fees Payment Procedure - NITC Wiki

Feel free to post your comments here.

Signing off

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