Disconnect - An Experiment

This will be short.

A small announcement:

I will be out of touch for about a week on the Internet. Disconnected on all social networks (including twitter) and off-line on chats (including GMail chat) and unavailable on SMS. I have already disabled all email and SMS notifications from the social networks. This is just for the sake of experimenting to see if I can still live without social media, so don’t get weird ideas about this.

I have decided to introspect, give myself a break, finish that huge list of tasks in my to-do list and see how it goes without all those distractions. I have been disconnected earlier (those power cuts, and infrastructure failures) but those times I was desperate to connect, this time it’s different - it’s intentional. May be I will write about my experience later.

For the case of crisis, I will still be available on phone and email (which I pledge to check no more than once in a day) for those who can already connect with me through these media.

Signing off

  • Kartik
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