The Story of the TechGlider

Hi all, In this post I will be sharing some interesting points that fell along during realization of my idea of the TechGlider.First of all I am sharing some initial hand-drawn logos for the site. These were shared with my friend Arvis on June 28, 2009 for his comments.

The first incomplete one - needed something good on the ring.

The second one - this lead to the idea of the current logo but with a ring.

The following was the outcome of earlier designs on July 5, 2009:

First professional looking logo for the TechGlider

The following is a screenshot of - a website I created while I was in class XI. I guess that was my first proper website in which I tried to share my knowledge. Initial versions of were adapted to this site until I decided not to carry it forward:

Tutorials on

More to follow when I get time…

Kartik - The TechGlider Guy

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