...and, we're back!

It’s been so long - missing the TechGlider - my dream, my hard work of over 2 years was gone. Started in July 2008, gone in July 2010. :(

The reason of this long absence:

I lost the ownership of the domain techglider.com - partly because of my own carelessness, and partly because of my webhost Four ‘S’ Tech’s troubles. In the process, I did learn a few interesting things like the concept of drop catching, how the companies like GoDaddy make so much money; and more importantly how not to lose my domain again. But now we’re back with a new domain TechGlider.in which is better in a sense as it gives an Indian touch.

What has changed over this period:

  • Having no other choice and bound by my love for blogging, I started writing first on Posterous and then on WordPress.com. The blog at WordPress.com - Kartik Scribbles… - is the place where you can find all my recent posts (and status updates).

  • The TechGlider Forums has lost all its shine (whatever small it used to have) - it needs to be made active again. It was the best place IMHO to put all those nifty tricks and commands I used to discover while working or hacking on computers and could refer them again easily. I welcome you to join it too.

  • The main site techglider.in has become outdated and needs a makeover including my homepage on that. I have many more cooler projects to share (show off!) and talk about which I have done over last 2 years.

What’s new on this blog:

  • As you can see the new theme - Audacity of Tanish by Ravi Sarma which is completely different in terms of colors or concept. I liked this alternative design the first time I saw it. I want to mention I have used another theme by the same author - Ahimsa - for quite a lot of time, and I particularly like his themes. If I have to describe his themes in a single word - they are DIFFERENT - they stand apart. Thanks @ahrencode for these wonderful themes.

  • The name is again being changed back to The TechGlider Blog to keep away from the confusion. So, from now on, TGB is this blog and Kartik Scribbles… is my Wordpress.com blog.

  • And _nothing more. _I will be using my WordPress.com blog for newer posts until I decide how to handle this double-blog situation. Another reason for this is I like the P2 theme I am using there a lot for it’s alternate posting options. I tried switching to that theme here but apparently my previous posts are not being converted properly. Let’s see if I can figure out a solution when I get some free time.

I would love to hear from you - those who have  been users of TechGlider (forums, blog, anything), those who used to like it (or hate it), those who just spotted it now (and want to say Hi! ;)) and those who have any suggestions. Until next time,



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