Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams - The Last Lecture

I finally got a chance to watch this wonderful talk (by Randy Pausch) popularly known as The Last Lecture. I wanted to watch this for a long time - since Anjhan mentioned about it in his keynote at and since Prateek Kalyankar had recommended this to me in Jan.

A really nice watch for anyone who has ever dreamed and thought of fulfilling them. I was particularly amazed to see a youthful, energetic, handsome Randy deliver that talk in such a cheerful, darkly funny way, while being just a few months away from his death (and knowing it!). How was he able to do it? The answer is expressed in the talk itself. One can learn the way of living a life with this talk.

I remember trying out the this software - Alice - years ago which is mentioned in this talk. But never knew it was a product of CMU or if Randy Pausch was the man behind it.

There is also a website for the related book which I intend to purchase in the near future (it’s one of the bestsellers at flipkart).

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