One last post on my Posterous

I started out with Posterous 6 months back mainly to just try it out. After inactivity for about 3 months, I started posting regularly here. I have tried different kinds of posts in this period - with photos, code listings, even other type of attachments. But after my last post I was rather disappointed with Posterous and decided to move on to some other blogging platform. So, this is the last post here and I want to present my observations. likes and dislikes about Posterous.


  • Ability to post via email, though I discovered even WordPress can do that but it gives you a rather cryptic sendto address.

  • Import feature to import your posts from a previous blog, many platforms are supported. (Again a standard feature on WordPress and many other blogging platforms).

  • The Gallery feature - when you attach photos with the post email, they appear as a nice enough photo gallery at the beginning of your post.

  • Scribd support - when you attach a pdf to your post it shows up in your blog as a cool embedded document powered by Scribd (though it still requires Flash support).

  • Those cool drop downs for About, Tags and Search at the top powered by M8 theme I am using.


  • It doesn’t produce decent (X)HTML automatically for a post sent through mail.

  • Same goes for code listings, there is no way that I know to tell posterous what I am posting through email is a part of code and should come between a <code> tag pair. And appending <code> tag pair for each in line command within normal text is a pain if done manually.

  • The web interface and toolbar is also quite basic and features very less functionality.

  • In my last post I had to attach a tar.gz archive containing some LaTeX source files. I was happy to see it appeared on the blog with a nice icon and friendly “Click here to download” link. But I discovered there was no way I could update that file (or upload another one instead) as the web interface doesn’t allow that type of file. I wondered why does it accept the same file through email posting though.

Due to my complicated blogging requirements, now I have shifted to WordPress (my favorite) again, though, this time on instead of my own domain. You can visit the new blog at and all my previous posts are available there as well.

My concluding remarks for Posterous:
Posterous is a good service for basic blogging but they have a long way to go to compete with solutions like WordPress or Blogger. At its current state, I feel it’s immature for my blogging needs.

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