LaTeX Project Report Template

UPDATE RELEASED - Please use the latest version for all the LaTeX goodness.

Last week, starting from Sunday was spent in preparing my first project report in college and first using LaTeX. It took me over four days to finish the work. The end result was quite good and impressive. (See the attached report.pdf if you want to take a look).I abstracted a template from the report for future use. Hope it may be find some use for other NITCians or in general for everyone. The template (report-template.tar.gz) is being released under Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).

Salient Features of the template:

  1. Contains all required pages for a complete report.
  1. Highly customizable.
  2. Examples given for citing and inserting references and footnotes.
  3. PDF generated has clickable links from contents page, citations and URLs.
  4. Provides options to insert pdf title, author name, subject and keywords.

Additionally, it features the enhanced NITC logo.If you try the template and find any problems, or feel it can be improved with your suggestions, shoot your mails to kartiksinghal [AT] gmail [DOT] com or just post a comment.

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Update (2011-10-17): Mayank (from the comments below) used my template to create his own for his college (Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune University). He has also written a nice and detailed blog post about the same and how to start with LaTeX. His post and link to his template can be found at: Felt really good to see my little work making a difference. :-)

Update (2011-10-20):  One of Mayank’s friends - Avani - got inspired too and created a template for her college (Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering for Women, Pune University) too, link here: This is really spreading well! :-)

Update (2013-02-15):  Update released.

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