Easter egg on Google: New Year 2010 Countdown

My friend Amit had just created an account on GMail and logged out after that. Just then, he opened Google and was going to search something when I mentioned I’m Feeling Lucky to him. He asked what is that to which I thought of replying by showing him the official explanation by Google, so I clicked on ’the’ button without any search string. And voila! It showed this:

Screenshot of Google homepage after clicking on I’m Feeling Lucky on Dec. 31 2009

After scratching my head for few seconds, it occurred to me that it could be the countdown to welcome the new year 2010. I fired up the calculator and divided the seconds by 60 two times. And, yeah, I was correct, it showed 8 point something - the number of hours remaining till midnight.

Just wanted to share this with all of you, after all, I have not posted anything this December.

At the end of my last post this year:

I wish you a grand Happy New Year, 2010.

EDIT (January 1, 2009):

If you try clicking on I’m Feeling Lucky button, now, it shows some wonderful ‘Happy New Year’ fireworks.

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