This is How a Budding Engineer Searches for his Glasses

Just spotted this on the unofficial Notice Board of Hostel A (my hostel at NIT Calicut). Please click on the pics to enlarge:

Lost Specs Page 1

Lost Specs Page 2

Disclaimer: The names and other sensitive info has been smudged to preserve the person’s privacy.

This left me wondering of the creative minds of my hostel mates. And yeah, if you find his specs, please return them. You can post a comment here and ask me to help you return the glasses ;).

Another one taken on November 4 on Robin’s birthday:

Robin’s Birthday and GPL

You may be wondering what is GPL?

GPL (G*** Pe Laat) is a tradition in NITC to celebrate birthdays of guys particularly popular among Northys (North Indian students), but sometimes Mallus (NITC lingo for Malayalis (Keralites)) are also happy to join in. Although, I don’t like this tradition much, but it’s fun to watch.

OK now, I have to hurry back to the hostel. End Sems start on 19th. Have to study a lot.


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