The TechGlider Blog is now Kartik Scribbles...

This change is something I wanted to incorporate since I restored this blog in the beginning of last month. Finally, the change is here.

The main reason why I changed the name of the blog is simple. ‘The TechGlider Blog’ sounds like the official blog of my site - which, in its actuality, is not that. This is my blog, Kartik’s. So, the name Kartik Scribbles…

More personalized, more sensible, more fun, more readable. This change will give this blog a new dimension.

Another news: I now have a Blogger profile and a blog too, which without any surprises redirects you to here, on Kartik Scribbles… This was required to remain connected with a lot of bloggers who prefer using Blogspot and I can now follow their blogs and make friends via Google Friend Connect.


EDIT (2011-03-13): The name has been reverted back to The TechGlider Blog, see this post to know why. And for no particular reason, I have removed Google Friend Connect support too (at least for now).

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