A Brief Overview of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

Just got my hands on to latest version of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala around 5 hours ago. So, this will be a very brief overview of Ubuntu’s latest version.

Me being Ubuntu crazy, just started exploring it after downloading it. I setup my 8 GB Corsair Flash Voyager as a bootable Ubuntu 9.10 drive using USB Startup Disk Creator available in Jaunty.

Booting into the live system was similar as before except for the color and design of the Ubuntu logo on bootup has changed. My first response on looking at the desktop was Ubuntu is back to its old yellow color scheme. But that was not the true story.

In just trying to change the background, I found out a lot of new and cool backgrounds have been added. I noticed next that the default Human theme has got a lot of changes and is much more attractive now.

After this, I planned to install the new Ubuntu in a virtual machine to take a full glance at the functionality and features. I took some screenshots during my exploration of the desktop. Please read the description of the photographs to get an idea of what they highlight.

Here are the screenshots:

The most notable change I noticed was that a whole slew of new icons have been added which add to eye candy and make for a nice experience in using Ubuntu. Other notable changes are those I have posted in the form of screenshots.

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