The TechGlider Blog is back

I am really happy to announce that I have been able to restore the TGB successfully (after fiddling with the backups for almost a month). This period of two and a half months without my blog was really unbearable for me; the only thing that helped me bear this pain was what was happening in my real life. A lot of wonderful events have changed my life (e.g. I have taken admission in BTech CSE at NIT Calicut).

So, there is going to be a lot of activity on TGB in a few days.

One important news: TGB has moved from its previous address to So, please update your bookmarks, although the previous links will be working as usual (thanks to some nice redirection settings).

Second important news: TGB will get a complete makeover as I have decided to make this my personal blog instead of The TechGlider (official) Blog (as if it wasn’t personal previously ;) ). This is the only reason why its URL has also changed to include my name.

OK gotta hurry, exams start on Wednesday and I haven’t started studying yet. See ya,


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