Chhole Bekaar Waale...??

Just spotted on this in Navyug Market (Ghaziabad) yesterday:

Chhole Matar Bekaar Waale

I visited Navyug Market yesterday with Mukul for some quick and cheap photostats (@ Rs. 0.75 per page). After coming out of the shop, Mukul pointed towards this vendor which caught my eye.

I was bit in a hurry but couldn’t stop the temptation of taking a snap. I asked the vendor whether I could take a photo. The Chhole Wala (in the center) agreed with a smile and said “Arrey kyun nahin?”.

Mukul gave me some background info while we moved back to home: the vendor sells these Rs. 5 a plate, tasty chhole and I recalled the no. of people that were surrounding the vendor’s stall.

OK this was the fun part that got me out of my hibernation period and forced me write this post. Now that I have come over my procrastination, I will be writing regularly as a lot of exciting things are happening to me these days, for instance: I am finally joining college (…details in next post to be posted very soon).

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