And hence, I used my right to vote

So I did it, and for the first time. You won’t believe when I write that I was way too excited to do this for almost a month.

Ok let me make things clear: I voted for the first time.

I am 19 and as many other adolescents was excited to be able to vote after turning 18. But last year I didn’t get my EPIC (Elector’s Photo Identity Card) as you are supposed to be 18 on January 1st of the year to be eligible for voting.

This year I got my EPIC (and got to know that it is not the only necessary thing that can be produced to vote; the basic requirement is that your name must be in the electoral rolls) and was excited I had got the chance to vote for the first time and that too for the general elections. Though I was unhappy and unsatisfied as they had misprinted my address and even elongated my photograph on the EPIC.

On 7th, I visited the polling booth with my father and friend, watching on the way, a lot of excited people having flags, banners and caps in support of their respective parties. There were also many officers sitting behind white-cloth clad tables having electoral rolls with them and helping people finding their names in the list and giving them the voting slips.

After getting my voting slip and finding the particular room as given in that slip, I entered inside. There was not much crowd and no long queues maybe because I went too early (around 10 in the morning). So, it was easy. I noticed certain differences as I had known from reading the advertisements in the newspapers instructing how to vote and what was the real scenario. Firstly, there were 4 officers inside the room instead of three for doing the job. Secondly, the 3rd officer, who was applying the indelible ink on the index fingers of voters, was using the right hand of voters instead of left as I had learned by reading the daily newspaper. I even put my left hand forward for him to apply the ink but he asked me to put my right hand forward. I had no other option but to do as instructed. So, he applied the ink and I voted by pushing the red button in front of the desired candidate’s name and symbol.

Here’s a pic for the event:

My friend Mukul, me and Mukul’s cousin Sonu Bhaiyya

Now, for some news about the blog. As you are noticing the theme has changed. I have also deployed a new and enhanced comments system. You can now put smileys in the comments and can even post YouTube videos. Try using it and tell me whether you like the new look of the blog and how have I been doing with my writing. Comments and suggestions on this post and any other post on the blog are always welcome and appreciated.


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