Surprise and some news

Hi, there!

I am back. I am feeling very glad to write after this long period of 3 months.

First of all I would like to tell you about a surprise I got today. I was just checking out the stats of to see what are the pages that are popular and being most viewed. One nifty feature of the statistics program I use is that it shows the search phrases that lead to my website. It was when I was looking at the Search Phrases section of the stats page that I stumbled upon this term “hds725050ka360”. I searched for it myself on Google and lo! Surprise: Only one result and that too from The TechGlider. I was amazed to see this and here is the screenshot (Please click on the pic to enlarge).

Only one result!

I first thought I had found a Google Whack but a little reading on the official Googlewhack site told me I was wrong as the above phrase doesn’t qualify as one.

PS: If you search now with the term it may not show only one result as I have used that term in this blog post too.

Now, the important thing:


I am almost done with my engineering entrance exams and am ready to continue with the development of this site. I already have a nice structure in my mind and hope to finish off the work by the end of May (this big period because I also have to sit for two exams in mid-May).

As you may have noticed in the pic above, I am using Windows XP nowadays. The reason I had to switch to XP was related to a hardware problem: my grahics card has gone bad and I had to buy a very-old, 1 MB PCI graphics card for Rs. 280 (the cheapest one I could get) to get my PlatiniumV2 in working state for the time that is being spent in the replacement of my original graphics card. And as I mention this a very old graphics card, it wasn’t supported by any linux distro I tried to install and not even by Windows 7 Beta (which I had installed on my system sometime at the end of Feb). The website of manufacturer of this old VGA card said that the drivers for this card were inbuilt in XP and I had no other option but to migrate to pirated windows XP. Sad isn’t it :(.

One more news: Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” has arrived and is packed with a lot of nifty features. Although I cannot for time being install the new Ubuntu, you may like to try it. Use the link on the right sidebar visit Ubuntu to download or request free CDs.

Hope to keep writing regularly from now on.


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