It's decided: IIT first, Web Development later


It’s the time I have decided to stop thinking about the development of as for the last 2 months I haven’t been able to do any remarkable work mostly because of being unable to organize my ideas and put them into practice in short periods of 1-2 days I get home for in a week.

The burden of study is more and I need to focus on that, forgetting everything else in the world now (after all JEE-2009 is less than 5 months ahead). So, I have finally decided to postpone developing this site till May 2009.

In the meanwhile, the TechGlider Blog will remain active and I will be posting my real life experiences here. That’s the reason why I have (again) set the URL to redirect to this blog. If you want to see the website use the link in the Blogroll. Also, the TechGlider Forums are also active and you can register yourself there and post queries and discuss things and vote on (or create your own) polls.

About my IIT interest:

IIT-JEE: this is one thing that can change any person’s life forever. For me, it is the ultimate attainment of knowledge, world class infrastructure, superior resources in the form of vast technical library, opportunity to work on various platforms & with the best of the minds and a whole new experience of IIT life. These are certain things I won’t get in any other engineering college.

Please provide feedback in the form of comments on this blog. This tells a blogger whether he is able to satisfy his readers and encourages him to do even better.

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