When I wrote my first bash script...

Yesterday, I was searching for LOGO (the programming language with a turtle) that works on Ubuntu for I have installed Ubuntu on my little brother’s PC and I wanted to show him that he can use Ubuntu for his regular computer study too; he’s in 3rd grade and learning LOGO at school.

So, I found one kturtle using Synaptic Package Manager and tried to test it on my own PC. My bad luck, it was like logo but had a different syntax. So, I had to search again and this time I used Google. Someone had already asked for LOGO on linux in some linux community and I got my answer: ucblogo. It was there in synaptic too but then I ignored it. Now, I installed it on my PC using synaptic and found out that it was completely terminal based.

I copied the .deb file (that’s a debian package for installing software on Ubuntu) onto my brother’s PC and installed it. I tried to show him how it was launched using the gnome-terminal and typing the ucblogo command. I felt that was tough for the small guy to remember and he kept on asking me why wasn’t there the LOGO icon on the desktop.

I got the idea to write a script that would automatically launch ucblogo in the terminal for him and automatically quit the terminal afterward and to place the script on the desktop. So, here follows the content of the first bash script I wrote in my life:

!# /usr/bin/bash

I know this is too simple a script to write but I felt a lot happy after writing it because my brother was happy to see his LOGO icon on the Ubuntu desktop. I learnt writing a bash script a lot of months ago and always regretted not being able to put it to good use anywhere in the timebeing. I realized how important and effective it was to apply your knowledge somewhere and make things work.

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