On Deepawali and the change of theme

This is today that somebody pointed out: “Your blog is not looking that fine”. And I realize why I lost interest in writing on this blog.

Following the suggestion I have changed the blog’s theme again. Tell me, if this one feels fine enough.

Today is Deepawali, the so-called biggest festival of India. Everybody out there is celebrating, burning crackers, or making merry; and here I am writing on my blog after a long break (my biggest break ever), amid the sounds of ladis, bombs, rockets, whistlers.

I don’t know why I have lost interest in things like celebrating festivals. But for this one festival I know. The single and enough reason being the pollution it creates, be it air pollution or sound pollution (more annoying than anything). I left burning crackers 3 years ago, this being the fourth. But I have found out another way of enjoying the day: being with friends on Deepawali evening, watching them play with crackers, sharing jokes with them, etc.

I just came back from among them for a break to write this post and change the theme and lo here comes my friend Abhishek’s telephone call to summon me back. Got to go back. See ya.

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