Welcome to the All New TechGlider Blog

This is my first post on WordPress and through this I welcome you to the all new TechGlider Blog.

I am finally finished with moving the TGB to WordPress. WordPress offers a plethora of plugins to customize one’s blog and I am trying to choose what are those that I need for the TGB. As pointed out in my last post, this change hasn’t been easy. I almost lost all of my previous posts for there was no efficient way to import the posts from my b2evolution installation to WordPress, so I had to do it manually and took a whole day for that (these type of repetitive works are really a pain in the neck for me). I have fully restored all the posts but I didn’t restore all the comments as it was a more hectic process than the restoring the posts work.

So, tell me how do you like the new TechGlider Blog with its new design and interface. As someone rightly said:

The only constant in the world is change.

I will constantly try to improve the design of TGB and the TechGlider itself. For the reason, I have finally come out of the XAMPP thing and installed LAMP environment on my Ubuntu installation. And it seems it’s gonna be real fun developing TechGlider with server environment on my PlatiniumV2.

The makeover of TGB and setting up Fedora and Ubuntu on my system took most of the time I had this weekend and that’s why I couldn’t do the work pointed out in one of my previous posts. But as I said there also: it’s my most productive time of the year and I am really going to utilize the Deepawali break to finish the development of TechGlider.

A lot of changes follow. Watch out for the TechGlider!

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