Back to linux and switching to WordPress...

I am glad to tell you that I have got rid of windows XP (again!) after muddling my head for 2 days trying to make it stable on my system. Now, I feel better that I gave it up in just 4 days of use and got rid of shame (read about it here) I was feeling that I installed XP again. I now have 2 variants of linux viz. Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and Fedora 9 installed on my PlatiniumV2.

Another news: I am trying to switch to WordPress for writing my blog giving up the current blog system called b2evolution. I may end up loosing my previous posts or may take some time to completely switch to WordPress. Watch out for this change because WordPress offers many great features as a blog system and The TechGlider Blog is going to be not the same again.

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