Mainstream development of TechGlider in full flow

And, I came back earlier by a week from the schedule.

I am happy to announce that the start of the next week (hopefully) will see the rise of TechGlider in its full avatar; fully loaded with most of stuff I have to offer.

I have got certain idea of what is going to be the logo for the TechGlider and will be designing it on paper in this week. The main site is no longer hidden: you are no longer directed to this TechGlider Blog on typing in your address bar. An update of the whole “preview” site will be done at the weekend and it will take its true form.

For this week, you won’t be able to access this blog directly so remember one of the 2 URLs: and for visiting this blog or use the “TGB” link on the homepage of the TechGlider.

Any suggestions are always welcome.

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