Back with a blast (actually 5) ...

Finally, I came back for the weekend, yesterday.

Slept late at night (around 1:30 AM), the night before yesterday, so was late for the morning journey.

Something unusual happened during my journey in the DTC bus, that I may not be able forget easily. While traveling with my friend Manoj in the bus, I pointed out to him the message written on the back of every seat:

Bomb safety warning in DTC bus.

Apni seat ke neeche dekhiye. Lavaris vastu bomb ho sakti hai. Turant shor machaiye. Inaam paiye.

Look under your seat. There could be a bomb. Raise Alarm. Earn Reward.

and we had a laugh. I was thinking that bombs were things of past; everything is fine nowadays.

Yes, just around 10 hours later, a bomb exploded in Delhi and many others within 40 minutes of the first. I got to know about the news on TV at 8 PM only because of the horrible electricity cuts at Ghaziabad :-/. And, I was shocked, really shocked; it was just in the morning I was laughing at the message written on the back of each seat in that DTC bus and here I was looking at the destruction caused due to the blasts. One of the blast sites included Safdarjung which lies in the route of my journey 88|.

Well, one of the most important developments that have happened because of my shifting to Delhi is that I am feeling a kinda fun in studying now. There I am, with no power cuts (which troubled me the most at home) and just a walking distance away from the place where FIITJEE classes happen (saving me from 5 hours journey and a tired body which refused to wake at night for study). Hope, I will make it happen this time. :)

Got to go back. Meet you in two weeks…


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