Going away from home....

Though not that far away, but it’s finally here. I will be living in some other place for the first time ever in my life. I want to admit, if I had not dropped the year, this may have happened more than a month ago (moving into hostel of some great college, I would have taken admission into).

So, what has happened is that due to LARGE commuting time for attending classes at FIITJEE (5 hours commute time for a 4 hour session), I have been forced to take up a room at Delhi and reside there.

This means I am going to miss my family, my home and most of all my obsession, my PlatiniumV2 (for those who don’t know, it’s the name of my PC) :-(. I have never been away from my PC for this long stretch of time. And, I won’t be able to post here at the TechGlider Blog for weeks at a stretch :-(. I am leaving a lot of unfinished work behind and understand that it’s gonna be a tough ride ahead, managing & developing TechGlider.com and preparing for IIT JEE - 2009.

I want to listen from you guys, about my work and my writing, you find it good or bad? Particularly, checkout the main TechGlider site and the TechGlider Forums and tell me how do you feel about them.

Will be leaving tomorrow morning. Hope to meet you again at the weekend.

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