It's a Monthiversary!!

Today, it’s been a month I started out posting on this blog.

And I feel happy about it. 11 posts in a month; it may seem too less to some of you, but, for me: I suppose I have been keeping up to my goal of writing regularly (and improving by the day :-) ).

I know I haven’t been able to fulfill certain promises I made on the blog viz: guide to installing Ubuntu and unveiling the main TechGlider site. But I have reasons (read excuses) for that. Well, they are not worth mentioning, so I will keep shut. But I am almost done with a guide to installing Ubuntu Fedora, and will publish it very soon. Yes, there is a change in the distro because recently I got my hands on Fedora 9 DVD at ABES Workshop for free.

I am also trying to design a logo for the TechGlider (taking too much time, am not good at drawing and stuff :-( ). If you can help me, feel free to contact me by using the “Contact” link above or posting a feedback comment for this post. You may also want to join The TechGlider Forums, a place where any member can discuss problems, provide solutions to problems, take part in interesting polls, etc. If you need help regarding the forums, read: Beginner’s Tutorial on using The TechGlider Forums. For further help, you can post your query in the Forum Help section, even if you are not a member!

Celebrating this monthiversary and hoping to continue posting regularly…


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