iPhone 3G

As you may be knowing, Apple’s iPhone 3G has been launched just yesterday (Aug 22, 2008) at 00:00 hours by Airtel and Vodafone in India. They have kept its pricing as Rs. 31,000 for the 8 GB version and Rs. 36,100 for the 16 GB variant.

The iPhone is an example of convergence device which integrates an iPod, an internet device and of course a phone into a single piece of hardware. Its USP is its 3.5" (that’s big :O) touchscreen interface which allows multiple touch, meaning that you can use more than 1 of your fingers to interact with the device. You don’t have many physical buttons on the phone and for most of your tasks the touchscreen interface suffices.

It’s a 3G (3rd generation) phone so it offers high speed internet access, better voice and audio/video features (depending on mobile service operator, of course). It features GPS (that’s Global Positioning System, if you don’t know), so you can view maps on your iPhone.

It’s downside include:

  • A 2.0 mega-pixel camera (that’s too low for its price and capability) that you can’t use to capture videos :(.

  • A battery locked inside the phone so if the phone runs out of juice you cannot use a spare one and you have to take it to the service center for battery-replacement if it wears off (with time).

  • No radio option available, so you have to do with your own collection of music (and if you are like me, i-won’t-listen-to-pirated-songs type, you will have to do without music, ON AN iPOD :(.

  • You are bound to use the phone with only the 2 operators - Airtel and Vodafone - as it is locked and the SIM can’t be changed.

  • It’s way too pricey for individuals (exceptions include iPod and Apple crazies)to buy.

For full technical specifications you can visit: http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html

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