Broadband runs slow?

If you have a broadband connection and find it taking too much time to load websites, you can try this method to make it a lot faster.

As you might be knowing, the web address you type in your browser to visit a particular site first gets resolved into a unique IP address by a DNS server. The default DNS servers your OS uses tend to be very slow. And here’s an alternative - OpenDNS.

If you know how to change the DNS servers of your modem/router, change them to the following OpenDNS addresses:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Or if you don’t know the above then follow the simple guide listed on the following page to change the address of your DNS servers (choose ‘general router instructions’ in the router category to get the best results):

Believe me I am using this and have experienced a far big change in my internet browsing speeds than I expected.

Kartik - The TechGlider Guy

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