Programming on your S60 phone!

How many of you know that you can actually use your S60 phone (that includes all N-Series Nokia phones and certain others) to do programming? :?:

I just tried to this yesterday on my N72 and want to tell you that it’s a great fun to do and a finer way to cut time we waste in commuting (than listening to music or playing games on our mobile).

Of course you need to know programming in order to utilize your phone in this manner. In this case, you need to have a basic knowledge of Python (a programming language).

In case you don’t know programming at all, you can start learning Python by following a suitable tutorial listed on … rogrammers. Though I recommend A Byte of Python, by Swaroop C.H or A Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python by Josh Cogliati, on the same page, as I found them good.

If you are good into programming (C, C++, Java or any other language), you will find the tutorials listed on more suitable for you. I recommend Dive into Python among those listed. You can download Dive into Python from the Tutorials section of also: (Link not working as of now).

That was the learning part, follow on:

  1. You need to know which version of Symbian 60 platform you have on your smartphone. Follow this page: Choose your phone under Select Device and note down the version listed under Developer Platform. For my N72, e.g., it lists:

Developer Platform:
S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3

  1. Now, you need to download the correct version of PyS60 (Download ‘PythonForS60’ and ‘PythonScriptShell’, .sis files)for you phone’s platform from here: … _id=154155. e.g. I had to download those files that ended with “2ndEdFP3.sis”

  2. Now, you have to install the 2 sis files on your phone, but install them in order: first PythonforS60*.sis and then PythonScriptShell*.sis. You can use any of the ways you use to install applications on your phone viz. Nokia PC Suite, using cable or bluetooth transfer or even using memory card to copy the sis files and then manually installing them on your phone. You will find the icon for Python on your phone in the folder where your new applications are listed.

  3. By following the above ways, you will setup Python environment on your phone. Now you will be able to run python scripts on your phone but you cannot create scripts on the phone itself if you don’t have this piece of software on your phone: Ped. Ped is a text editor and python editor and interpreter made to work on S60 platorm. You can install the latest version from: Of course, you need to choose between the S60 2nd edition and 3rd edition versions depending on your phone.

  4. Install Ped on your phone and you are done! Find the icon for Ped on your phone, run it and start Pythoning.

If you need further help developing software with PyS60, I recommend joining Forum Nokia and look into their Python forum.

If you have any problems regarding installation, post them here. I will more than happy to help solve them. :)

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