3rd Anniversary of my Gmail experience

Today, it’s 3 years since the day I opened my Gmail account.

I remember those days when Gmail was in beta (although it’s still in beta as the Gmail logo says) and signup for a Gmail account was only by invitation. It was like a privilege to have a Gmail account B). Then, came an invitation from my cousin and I became a proud owner of my Gmail account.

Gmail gave me a lot of things I always desired from using the e-mail:

  • It gave me my own identity on the web by providing me an email with my own full name and not those with silly prefixes/suffixes such as cool, sweet, or those including your birth date or year or using lastname before firstname or using . (dot) or _ (underscore in between).

  • Then, it provided freedom from those irritating (visual and blinking) ads that are displayed on other mail services like Yahoo! Mail, Indiatimes, Hotmail or Rediffmail.

  • It features a really simple interface that doesn’t need any explanations.

  • Its organizational features (read: labels and filters) helped me in organizing all mail easily as the labels just separate out different groups of mail with different colors.

  • Its spam protection is world class, provided, for some newer spam you have to report Gmail on its first occurrence by clicking on the “This is Spam” button.

  • One of the best things I found with Gmail was that you don’t have to delete any of the mail (except for spam) you receive. With over 7035 MBs of disk space (and counting), it provides just too much space that regular mails can merely exceed 5% of the total. On my own account, I have just filled up 165 MB (2%) in 3 years. And I can go back and view any of the 3538 mails I received since August 16, 2005.

  • It comes with other features that made my life easier like keyboard shortcuts and in-browser chat and is regularly adding more features.

I would seriously recommend a Gmail account for every netizen who wants to utilize the net for a more organized life for all the features that come with it and that too for free.

To get yourself a Gmail account point your browser to http://mail.google.com

PS: Just discovered, Debian also celebrates its 15th anniversary today. Read http://www.efytimes.com/efytimes/28150/news.htm for more.

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