That hard and tiring day of July 31

I mentioned about this day in my post of August 1.

I started the day at night by wishing a  friend birthday, eventually making her wakeup at midnight. Then, came the inauguration of my website with my first post on The TechGlider Blog at 6 in the morning. This was the easy part of the day.

I reached the Ghaziabad Railway Station at 7:50 to board the train to Tilak Bridge at Delhi, for I use to go to South Delhi to attend FIITJEE classes for IIT-JEE preparation. My friends Agam, Manoj and Adhikaar were supposed to join me there at the station before the train to Tilak Bridge arrived. But due to that terrible crowd at the platform I couldn’t find them and so boarded the train alone. In hope of getting a seat (an empty seat, that was visible through the window to the door’s left), I climbed into the compartment as quickly as possible and to my great disappointment :-(, became aware of the steel wall that was dividing that compartment into 2 parts: one with those empty seats and another with me and no empty seats and a big crowd of people. :no:

Well, somehow I managed to allocate a foot’s space so that I could travel standing. The train departed from the station 15 minutes later. I didn’t know at that time what was waiting ahead and why was the train running unusually slow. Half an hour later it came to halt. I kept waiting for it to run amidst those intolerable conditions of uneasy breathing due to heavy crowd, loud singing and music of the usual so-called devotional group of the train and above all smoke coming from someone’s bidi and the devotional group’s own dhoopbatti/agarbatti that they kept in front of some idol’s photograph. After 40 minutes of waiting in the stationary train I tried to contact Agam but due to the loud singing and music of the group couldn’t hear his voice over the phone. After sometime, he called me back (fortunately at that time the group was taking a break) and we decided to get off the train.

What we saw after we got down the train amazed us: a no. of trains (i think 6 of them, including ours) were standing on the track. We decided to move ahead (like many others) and find a bus to our destination. The weather was cloudy that day so we were saved from the harsh heat of the sun. On our way we found out that the whole mishap was caused because of some fault in the engine of the first train and another engine was called for the rescue. My creative mind started working in its full form and I took out my N72 and took some good shots of the scenery and the river Yamuna.


After walking with our heavy bags on our shoulders for a mile or so, finally we saw the replacement engine coming and a ray of hope rose among us. We were all exhausted and decided to board the train again if it stopped before us. Our train came and didn’t stop for us as I was expecting but after it came another one which stopped for us and we finally reached Tilak Bridge station.

It was already 10:30 (the time for our Chemistry class to commence) and I had already exposed my secret desire to take a day off that day so our group was divided into 2: one arguing to go back home and “study”, another still willing to attend the classes. Finally we boarded the train to FIITJEE continuing our arguing and discussing about the profits and losses of missing 2 classes. When we reached our destination, we actually parted ways (Agam and Adhikaar going back home and I and Manoj to visit the classes (my mind had changed over the journey ;))). Manoj kept telling me that they will come back and yes, they actually came back in 5 minutes time!

We were late to the class by an hour and missed half of the 2-hour class. We were satisfied thinking that we would at least attend mathematics class and then came another shock 88|, our mathematics teacher was absent that day!

At evening, Agam and I went to gym together. This was our first thigh-workout so we were quite excited. Our excitement soon came to an end when we started doing the actual workout. It made us unable to even stand properly. So, we were able to walk only in a very strange way (like that of drinker). Finally, when we came out of the gym, our instructor Montoo Bhaiyya teased us by telling us not to come to gym after “heavy drinking”. :-))

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