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So, I am back. (That was a hard and very tiring day, yesterday, so couldn’t keep up to my promise of writing this post yesternight, :-( apologies) as its name suggests would take you gliding into the world of tech. The main focus would be on free and open source software but that doesn’t mean I won’t focus on Windows or computer hardware or mobile phones for that matter. In short there would be stuff related to all things tech.

I plan to have a user discussion board (The TechGlider Forums) where any body could ask for help with tech related (and other categories too!) problems and get answers through discussion with the board members.

You must have noticed that visiting redirects you to this TechGlider Blog: The main website i.e. is under construction and you will soon be able to explore it.

This blog will always remain here and will be accessible through It will keep you informed of the latest happenings on The TechGlider and about my views on things that matter. The blog may go through many major design changes as I explore its features and finally decide on one design. If you want to have a look at my previous blog (although I have discontinued it now), please visit

Suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to post comments on any of the posts here on The TechGlider Blog. You would be able to post your questions and suggestions on the forums in a week’s time as I set the forums up.

Wishing you a great tech journey through the TechGlider :-)

-Kartik Singhal

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