Use Dictionary and Pronunciation Guide on your PC

This is for those of you interested in improving their English skills and find it cumbersome to searching for meanings of words by turning over the pages of dictionary. If you work on your PC most of the time, then you can utilize it to improve on your vocabulary and pronunciation skills:

  • If you have a net connection and are online most of the time, then the best option is to use Google as a dictionary tool:

    • Use define: followed by the desired word in the Google search box

For example: define: apple

  • If you remain offline most of the time, use a free dictionary software such as WordWeb (my personal favorite).

    • It is really a good dictionary software which offers synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation guide along with usual meanings and allows you to hear the word as it sounds (using the Windows inbuilt speech software).

    • It also provides alternative online search using Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc.

    • It can be invoked just by holding down Ctrl and clicking on any word with right mouse button.

      • Download it for free from its website. And install it on any PC running Windows OS.

Please, tell me if you like the software or you improved your English skills using the same.


Note: This is an archived (and edited) post from my first blog

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