My First Post and Myself Poured Out for the Day

Well, just letting this start off. My desire to have a blog is pushing me to start it now; just in the middle of my XII Class Boards Examinations. Just had my English paper today; went bad somehow. May be I was just thinking of myself as a great writer who can never fail. But all just went bad and I don’t know. I completed all the stuff that was asked in the paper but don’t know why I didn’t get the feeling of satisfaction after the examination was over. I have to agree I didn’t prepare that well for the exam. Being so lazy, just started studying a day before and you can imagine 22 chapters to be done in a day and a sleepless night!! Well the day was one with many shocks for me. Not just a bad English paper, I am feeling like I am all alone in the world with no one to share my sentiments with. I have nearly lost all what I had today, what I had deposited in this long time.

Note: This is an archived (and edited) post from my first blog

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