Letting go

So I wrote a lengthy email to someone 8 months ago to let them know I was ready to move on, let go of them and to never contact them again.

Was I? Since early this morning, I have had thoughts of contacting them and telling them that I was wrong in judging them and cutting them off like that.

I went to my email archive and read what I had written then. It now doesn’t seem like I was wrong in doing what I did. But the fact of the matter is even after much time has passed, I haven’t let go and it was weird that I had forgotten the details of what I wrote and why, to the extent that I was putting the complete blame on myself.

This is odd. Sometimes, we don’t receive the closures we seek; sometimes, they affect us unconsciously. How do I even know if that incident affected me negatively in the time past since then? I have faced all sorts of personal issues ranging from academic to social/interpersonal. I can’t know for sure, the best I can try is to make myself busy again.

Note: This is an archived post from my unmaintained Tumblr blog https://k4rtik.tumblr.com

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