Posts from The TechGlider Blog Migrated

Just a quick note that I have successfully migrated all posts from the original TechGlider Blog which used to reside at couple of years ago. This completes migration of all my written content. Fixing broken links, images, etc. is the major work that remains. Aside: I ended up skimming through much of my old content, feels very childish now; my friends from that time might get a laugh or two reading about memories recorded in here.


Today I am relaunching my website - - in a new avatar. This, in the form of, used to be my first website on the Internet until the .com domain was stolen by a domain shark. Sometime later, I switched to writing on and stopped maintaining this site. A constant feeling of not having an official web home and a permanent place to put my thoughts out for the world has been nagging me for months, this reinit is the first step in solving this problem.