On the Language Debate in India

(Only for the patient, really long; I didn’t have time to make it shorter. If I do, I might post it separately for a wider discussion) I have been hearing about the language debate in India for a while now. My personal philosophy (perhaps) inspired by Gandhi has been to speak in the language that the person I am talking to understands. Now that I have lived in the US and traveled the world a bit I understand the importance of knowing/learning multiple languages.

2016: Year (and a half) in Review

I wanted to write an EoY Review post last year like I did two years ago but I didn’t as I was too busy making sure 2016 was beginning with my most important goal for that year—overcoming my fear of coding and becoming a better programmer. 2016 has been a great year of personal learning and I want to celebrate its passing by documenting some of that learning and experiences.

Things I wish I knew in College

Meta About a month ago, I asked the following question to the NIT Calicut CSE student body: If you could ask only one question to an NITC CSE alumnus with diverse experience in industry, higher studies, and research, what would you? The most raised concerns were: How to decide between higher studies and industry as your next career move? What are the limitations of an NITC CSE education and how to succeed in the field despite them?

Not a painting, just filter overuse ...

Not a painting, just filter overuse. #goldengatebridge #sanfrancisco (at Golden Gate Bridge) Note: This is an archived post from my unmaintained Tumblr blog https://k4rtik.tumblr.com


http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/12/10-types-odd-friendships-youre-probably-part.html So, I needed to get educated about my friendships. This relaxed me a bit. Note: This is an archived post from my unmaintained Tumblr blog https://k4rtik.tumblr.com

Reflections on the Facebook Sannyasa

As some of you reading this might be aware I have been away for a while. I deactivated my Facebook account sometime in the first week of Feb; it has been over 75 days. I did try activating it once after 30 days were over and realized within a couple of hours, how ugly and consumeristic this part of the Internet is and since then had not tried logging in again until last night.

Couple of weird things happened today

1. Early in the morning, I failed to recall the name of a girl I asked out on Valentine’s day just 3 years ago. 2. Emailed Andy and got a thoughtful response back. 3. Not the same with someone else I emailed. 4. Felt so lonely at night that I decided to go out for a walk. Asked two people to join, one rejected, another didn’t see the text until I was back.

Wasted Hours

http://www.listen-tome.com/wasted-hours/ Social Media Note: This is an archived post from my unmaintained Tumblr blog https://k4rtik.tumblr.com

Beginning of April

… has been kinda unproductive. Turned the tables of productive vs distracting time on April 1 (that is the joke was on me). They say “the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” Indeed, I enjoyed the time after 7:45pm, when I went to a Pub Trivia Night for the first time, with people like me (read nerds). But I cannot account for the rest of the day which is the whole day!